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Birds of New Guinea (Illustrated). GEORGE S. MEAD...... , 409, 627, Leuciscus Balteatus (Richardson) A Study in Variation E


On the Evolution of the Art of Working in Stone. J. D. McGut The rere: of Flower Seasons, and the Piiendlogical Keitas

the Entomophilus Flora and a 4 cae seg Insect Fauna

anaatcited. CHARLES ROBER

Insanity in Royal Families, A Study in n Heredity, Foshan BODINGTON, The Significance of Anomalies. In the Region of the New Fossil, AE AA pee DA row.


Sec e tere sosoo

The Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory (Illustrated). H. W. CONN

Minor Time Divisions of the Ice Age. WARREN UPHAM

The Skunk as a Source of Rabies. W. W

The Classifi.ation of the Lepidoptera. nthe Presence of Fluorine as a Test for the PwasiieaGon of Animal

Bon THOM WILSON 301, 439, ecclesia Evolution Among Plants. L. H. BAILEy....... aces Dane Observations on a so-called Petrified Man. J. M. STEDMAN

On the Validity of the Genus Margaritana. C. T. Simpson

The Hereditary Mechanism and the Search for the Unknown Factors of Evolution. H. F. OSBORN.........

The Genera of Branchiostomidae. ‘THEODORE GILI

Is Daemonelix a Burrow (Illustrated)? E. H. BARBOUR

On Successive Protandri Syd sith Hermaphroditism in Ani-

MONTGO Mj SE E E P E O suvens

Sponges Recent and Fossil pren J. F. JAMES

The Mouth-Parts of the Lepidoptera. V, L. KELLOGG .... ...eseceseseees

The Symbiosis of Stock and Graft. E. F. SMITH... orcociessini vos

On a Supposed Case of Parallelism in the Genus Palaeosyops ( Illustra-

ted). CHARLES EARLE Ona oye zemp of the Lepidoptera ( epi A D 63

Inv estigntions Pokeria the Etiology of Small- Pok (Illustrated). J.

The Aint of the Lepidopterous Wing (Illustrated). V. L. KEL- OGG

Contributions to Coccidolegy. T. D. A. CocKERELI The Present SS ae of the Florida Manatee, 7 fenial latirostris Harlan, in the Indian River Waters.

Deviation in T dué to Unripe Seeds. F C pearen .804, The Effect of Female Suffrage on Posterity. JAMES WIER, JR....... =


10 26

iv The American Naturalist. (Vol. XXIX,

The First Fauna of the pr y J EP JAMI n- 880, 970 Organic Variations. C. Mo 888 Root Tubercles of Leria E. F. SMITH 898 The Distinction between Animals and Plants. J. C. ARTT 961

Notes on the een of Plumularian Hydroids TETA A CCN 966 ntidromy in Piai (Illustrated). G. MACLOSKIE 973 P Studies of the Forests of Japan. C. E. BESSEY ......sseseseees 1049

The pe ge of the Lepidoptera on Larval AET, HG; Dy 1066

EDITOR’S paiga —Meeting of Scientific Societies at Baltimore, 1 36; Scientific Exploration, 136; Modern Systematic Writers, 345 ; Endowment of Original Research, 345; Antarctic Exploration: oe Wood’s Holl, a correction, 347; The Philadelphia Acad-

and Lieutenant Peary, 347 ; Coeducation, 825 ; Execution i E eiat, 827; The Field Museum, 827; The Challenger Exploration, 828 ; The American Association for the Advance-

Department, a ; The U. S. Commissioner of Fish and Fisher- ies, 916; How to get Separates of Papers in the Naturalist, ee The Peary Expedition 985 ; The prance of Mosquito 986 ; The Promotion of Scientific Societ 1142 RECENT LITERATURE.—Packard on the Tal of Acquired Characters, 34 ; Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science ` for 1893, 35 ; The Mesozoic Echinodermata of the United States


258 ; Geology of the Coastal Plain of Alabama, 259; Thirteenth Annual Report of the U. S. Geoiogical Survey for 1891-92, Part IF, 259°; pps of the Geological Survey of Arkansas, for 1891 and 1892, 260; Botany in the Secondary Schools, 348; The New ae of Plants, 349; Bulletin of the U.S. Fish Com-


Ord’s Zoology, 459; The Life of Richard Owen, 460; The Cam- bridge Natural History, 557; Marshall’s Biological Lectures and Addresses, 558 ; Butterfly Hunters in the Caribbees, 558 ; L’ Am- ateur de des Papillons, 559; Monographic Revision of the

Pocket Gophers, 559 ; Monograph of the Bats of North America, @ ; Some Recent Text-Cooks and Student Guides, 647 ; Com- stock’s Manual for the Study of Insects, 649; In Bird Land, 650 ; From the Greeks to Darwin, 828 ; The Glacial Nightmare and the Flood, 830; Rambles in Alpine Valleys, 916; Lead and Zinc Deposits of Missouri, 916 ; Minot’s Land-Birds and Game- Birds of New England, 917; Birds of Eastern North America, 917; Origin of Inventions, 918; A Pretty Book on Plants and ar tear: "e Bulletin of the U. S. Fish Commission for 1893, Geological Survey of Michigan, Vol. V, 987; Geology of

Minnesota, wi Flora of Denver, 1073; Two Plant OS al - 10735 Poa o Poeddi, 1074; des 's Diseases of

1895.] Contents. Loy

1074; Wilson's Atlas of Karyokinesis, 1075 ; Scudder’s Book on

Butterflie 1076 RECENT nea AND PAMPHLETS.—3I, 140, 261, 353, 460, 560, 647, 732, 831, 919, 998 1077

GENERAL NotEs.—J/meralogy,—Identity of Rhabdite and Schreiber- site, 37; English’s New Catalogue of Minerals, 37 ; Leadhillite from near Granby, Missouri, 38 ; Two new Instruments for Min- eral Study, 38; Mis cellaneous Notes, 39, 838, 994 ; Minerals

Crystals of Zinc Oxide, 149 ; Artificial Copper Crystals in Aventurine Glass, 149 ; New Minerals, 149, 655 ; New Instruments, 266 ; Goniometer with two Graduatea Circles, 266

268 ; Klein’s Lens with Micrometer, 269; Symmetry of Nephe- line and Davyne, 358; The Minerals of the Emery Deposits of Naxos, 358; Boleite and Cumengeite, 359; The Formula of i ; Formula of Staurolite, 361; Sara of Li in

A Kloc Text-Book of Mineralogy, 469 ; Origin of te Poata of Mellilite, 563 ; Blowpipe Coatings on Glass, 563; Use of Phos- phorus in Stndying Minerals of High Renai rare 564; Chalcocite gua Monte Catini, 564; ; Dioside and A e from Z

Anomalies at Artificial Coloring, 565 ; New Method of Illumi- nating in Photomicrographic Work, 565 ; Chemical Behavior of Dimorphous Minerals, 566 ; Pearls, 566; Vicinal Planes and the Variation of Crystal Angles, 653 ; Determination of the Princi-

Minerals, 654; Doelter, The Characters of Gems, 655; New Edition of Groth’s Physical Crystallography, 734; Tables of the Thirty-two Classes of Crystal Forms, 736 ; Universal Stage for the Microscope, 834 ; Connection between Atomic Weight of Contained Metals and Morphological and Optical Properties of Crystals, 835 ; Boleite and Nautokite from Broken Hill, N. S.

837; New Minerals from Chili, 837; An Instrument -for preparing accurately Oriented Sections and Prisms for Crystals, 990 ; An Instrument for Producing Monochromatic Light of any Wave Length, 991 ; Other Mineralogical Apparatus, 991 ;

992; Pseudochromism and Pseudodichromism, 992 ; Meteorites in Field Columbian Museum, 993 ; Ce Rey, of Wiscon- Minerals } Pararapis, —The Serpentines of San Francisco, 41; The Blue Hen ee blende in the California ~ ar; ; The ERTE Gabbros sha a :

The American Naturalist, [Vol. XXIX,

Amphibolites of Argentina, 42 ; Amphiboles in Russian Rocks, ; The Basalt Boulders from Thetford, Vt., 44; Maryland Granites, 44 ; Geology of Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, 152; A New Rock Volcanite, 153 ; Acmite Trachytes from Montana, 153; aia Notes, 154, 364, 473, 569, 740, 997; Some Basalts of Asia Minor, 362 ; District, 362; Notes from Minnesota, 363; The Geology of Dartmoor, England, 364; Granite Inclusions in Gabbro, 470; The Geology of Pretoria, South Africa, 470; The Gabbro of the Adirondacks, 471 ; The Dykes of the Thousand Islands, 472 ; Analcite Diabases from California, 472; A Quartz-Keratophyre rom Wisconsin, 473; Notes, 473, 569, 740, 997, 1082; Th Eruptive Rocks of the Christiana Region, 567 ; The Massive Rocks of Arran, 568; Migration of Crystals from a Younger to an Older Rock, 569 ; Rock Differentiation, 656; The Metamor- phism of Inclusions in Volcanic Rocks, 657; The ERO ARLY a ba


Serpentines of the Central Alps, 738 is Dynamic Metamorphism,

739; The Rocks of Gouverneur, N. » 994 ; Diorites and Gab-

bro at St. John’s N. B., 995; South ea rican Volcanics, 996;

Rock Classification, 997 ; The Lherzolites of the Pyrenees and

their Contact Action, 1079; Nepheline Rocks from the Kola

Peninsula, 1080; The Matrix of Naxos Corundum, 1081 ; For- Dolomi te

Geography pe Travels, —Zoological Explorations, 45; An Expedition

orld, 356; eines Scientific eiekaagunaay of 1895 -- eo

Bitumens, zi : Canoe in Ore Deposits, 158 ; Ten on Copro- lites, 159; New Moiluscan Forms from the Dakota Formation, 159; Glacial Lakes in Western New York, 160; Geological WS, I61, 272, 369, 478, 578, 664, 844; Relations of Devonian and Carboniferous Faunz, 270; Characters of Glossopteris, 270 ; Geological History of the West Indies, 271 ; Fossil Mammals of the Lower Miocene White River Beds, 272 ; Origin of the Con- tinental Area of Australia, 366; The Carboniferous System of Brazil, 367 ; The Affinities of Agriochaerus, 368 ; The Mastodons of Russia, 368 ; The Lakes of Central Africa, 474; Structure of Triarthrus, 475 ; Land Animals of the Canadian Paleozoic, 476; The Devonian System of Eastern Pennsylvania and New York, 476 ; The English Tarns, 477 ; The Loess of Northern China, 478; Niagara and the Great Lakes, 570; Paleozoic Insects, 572 ; The Phylogeny of the Whalebone Whales, 572 ; Two New Spe- cies of Dinictis from the ere River Beds (Illustrated), 371. The California Coast, 660 ; Disintegration of Granite, 660 ; Dol- omites from the Northwestern States, 661 ; The Silver Mines of Lake Valley, New Mexico, 661; Erosion of Submerged Lime- stones, 663; Irrigation of Westeen Kansas, 664; Plistocene Deposits in a ae a 664 ; Dawson on the Oscillations of the Behring Sea Region, 741; Green Pond Conglomerate, Prot ;

Notes on the Osteology of Ss cetoides, 745 3 ae


1895.] Contents. vii

nus Fauna, 839; Formation of Oolite, 840; The er tee of Saurians, 841; The Geology of Cuba, 841 ; e Greenland, 842 ; Age of the AEREA of Crow aA S Ridge, 843; Faunal Migrations, 922; A New Geomyid from: the Upper

Eocene, 923; Cenozoic History of the Baltic Sui: a, at ; Fossil Elephants of Tilloux, 925 ; The Latest Connection between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, 926; A Batrachian Armadillo ery Cope on the Temporal Part of the Skull, aud on the Svateiatic Position of the PRETE a reply, 998 ; EA o Dr. Baur’s critique on my paper on the Paroccipital Bone of the Scaled Reptiles and the E stoat Position of the Pythonomorpha, 1003 ; Recent Elevation of New England, 1005 ; On a New Spe- cies of Diplacodon, with a Discussion of the Relations of that Genus to the Telmatotherium, 1084; Discovery in the Oligocene of South Dakota, of Eusmilus, a Genus of Sabre -toothed Cats

new to North America. .....-.--00.065 + +e: I0QI slate -The Wild Flowers d a. 49; Willis’ Practical Flora, he age Botany of North America, 164; Botanical Ner ws, 165, 748; Some Botanical Collections, 274; Some Recent Botan me Papers, 276; Nitrogen Fixation in Algae, 371 ; Rules i "Tue

Different Stock, 485 ; Some Features of the Native Vegetation . of Nebraska, 486; The Division of Agrostology, 487; Gray's Field, Forest and Garden Botany, 488; Progress of the Botani- cal Survey of Nebraska. 580 ; Phani os Botany, 582; A Protest against the ‘‘ nea Rules,” 666; The Missouri Botanical Garden, 668; A New Astragalus, 670; Decades of North American Petts 747; North American Species of Poly- gonum, 747; Summer-School Botany in the Mountains, 845; Notes on Recent Botanical Publications, 926; Fertilization of the Yellow Adder’s Tongue, 928; ‘‘ Aboriginal’’ Botany, 92 New Species of Physalis, 928; The Mycetozoa, 929; Seane 1007; Saccardo’s Sylloge Fungorum. 1008; North American Fungi, ary Hough’s American Woods, 1008; Seymour’s ve a Gre like Plants of North America, 1008; The

Eroon 1093 Pea Phe —What becomes of the Flagella?, 583; tre of the Apple-Scab Fungus, 583; Poisonous Cactacea, 584;

re ae on Heliotropism, 585; Austro-German Views on Botai- ical Nomenclature, 585; Separation of Enzymes, 586; The Action of Light on Bacteria, 671; The Pole of Calciusa and Magnesium, 674; Woronin on Sclerotinia, 749; Demonstration of Photosyntax by Bacteria, 750; Detection of Glukose by Aux- pice oe Methods, 752; Fischer on Bacteria, 847; The Mush- m Gardens of South American Ants, $51; Bactericidal Act- ion Bp Metals, mi. een on Paraheliotropism, 1100; Chal- azogamy in Juglans regia Zoology.—The Sensory Ny System of Chondrosteans, 52 ; The Hypo- physis, 52; The Species of Bothriocephalus, 53 ; Batrachia of Vincennes, Indiana, 53 ; List of Snakes Olek at Raleigh, N. ooo C., 56; An Abnormal Pes of Columbia livia (Illustrated ), 57; ao



viii The American Naturalist. [Vol. XXIX,

Zooloescal News, 58, A 285, 380, 493, 680, 760, 862, 942, IIIO; he Influence of Changed Environment on Mollusca, 167 ; The Genus teppi, 167; The shies of the Salamander Linguelapsus annulatus, 168 ; The White Headed Eagle in North- ern Ohio, 168 ; The Paludicolae, 170 ; Mexican Glires, 171; The Central Nervous System of Teleosts, 278 ; New Deep Sea Fishes, 281; Preliminary Notes on the Osteology of the North Ameri- can Crotalidae, 281 ; The Senses of Pilumnus, 376; More Deep Sea Fishes (Illustrated), 376; Destruction of Food Fishes, 377 ; A Swallow Roost at Waterville, Maine, 377; The Distribution of Seeds by Birds, 378; The Effects of Cold, 379; Web-Spinning Spiders, 490 ; Fishes of the Northwest, 490 ; Queer Misfortunes of Birds, 492 ; The Cotton-Tail Rabbit, 493 ; Habits of Limpets, 587; Life History of the Lobster, 587 ; The Gas in the Swim- bladder of Deep Sea Fishes, 587; A new Locality for Aédastor eryihrogrammus, 588; The Cold Storage Warehouse Cat 4 New Harvest Mouse from Florida, 589 : The Faunal Regions of Australia, 674 ; Notes on a Snapping Turtle’s Nest, 676; On me new North American Snakes, 676 ; The Characters of the Enchytraeid Genus he 753 ; New Mollusca from the Pacific, 756; Taylor o x Tortoises, 756; The Genera of Xantusiidae, 757 ; ies of the Siberian Lemming-Vole- (Lagurus) in the United States, 758 ; The Introitus Vaginae of Certain Muridae, 759 ; Irish Fresh-water Sponges, 854; Repro- duction of the Edible Crab, 854; The Odonata of Lower Califor- nia, 855; Baur on the Temporal Part of the Skull, and on the Morphology of the a in the Mosasauridae (Illustrated), 855 ; A new Xantusia, 859 ; ts of Queen Charlotte Islands, B. C., Í 860; Migrations of the ipl ial ig 861; The Brain of Micro- cephalic Idiots, 861; Antivenine, 936; Dall on the irera branchiata, 938; On the Species of Uma and Xantusia, sha Co Marriages and Births in the Dilat tatone ernie 939; Additions to the Mammal Fauna of British Colum o; A Stratified Lake Fauna, 1011 ; Sexual Rights and Po (Illustrated), 1012 ; The Bats of Cuka. 1014; Fatigue and Toxicity, 1014 ; Poisons oe Putrid Fish, r015 ; Variation in Flalicystus PERET 1104; The Role of the Liver in the Anti- coagulating Action of Peptone, 1105; The Noviformation Nerve-cells in ue Hin of the Ape after a Complete Removal of the Occipital Lobes, 1106 ; The Æstivation of Snails in Southern California, 1106; A Ca selesi Writer on Amphiuma..... cin SOD Embryology.—Optimum Temperature for Incubation, 62 ; Cell peas 2; Fertilization in the Earthworm, 62; Cleavage in Batrachia, 63; Development of Sponges, 64; Development of an Isopod, 180; Sexually Produced es on ae Maternal Charac- ek 286 ; Double Monsters, 287 ; n of Blastomeres, 288 ; ‘Temperature and Development, ae “AP Problematical Structure in a Mammal, 289; Developeient: of ements 290; Blastomeres of Medusae, 290; Development Rarified Air, 291 ; Cytotropism, 385; : Acat Eggs and Temperature, 499; Isolated Blasto tomeres in Ascidians, 500 ; Frog's E n Salt Solution, 501; —-< Feii ee ne Sony Grafti:


1895.] Contents. ix

bia, 590; The Embryo of the Duckbill, 592; Origin of Twins, 686 ; Half Embryos versus Whole Embryos, 769 ; The Mouse’s Egg, 770; Conjugation in an American Crayfish (Illustrated), 867; Eggs of Nematodes, 945; Cell Phenomena in the Triton

Egg, 947; atone of the Brandling (Illustrated)...... 1o2I, 1121 Entomology. ies ight Insects, 66; Origin of Reproductive ce in

Insects, 67 ; Alimentary Canal in Orthoptera, 68 ; North Amer-

ican Jaod a, 68; The Use of Parasitic and rg taint see

69 ; Osipa in Acridiidae, 70; The Use of Chinch Bug Diseases, 71; Two New Species of Lecanium from Brazil, 174 ; The Wood Leopard Moth (Illustrated), 175; Relaxing Insects, cas Eyes of ome 177; Spread of Otorhynchus ovatus, 177; o More New S f Lecanium, 381 ; A New Trombician fags), 382 ; The Cabbage Root Maggot (Illustrated), 495; Ohio Dragonflies, 496; A Unique Journal, 497 ; Loss by Fire, 497; Male Reproductive Organs of Beetles, 497; Lan p Chimneys for Breeding Cages, 498; The Name of the Southern or Splenic Cattle-fever Parasite, 498 ; Distribution of Injurious Insects, 681; An All-purpose Net, 682; Picobia villosa, 682 ; Preparing Orthoptera, 684 ; Recent hatare 685; A New Tet- tix (iiluateetea), 761; On the Early Stages of some Carabidae and Chrysomelidae, 762; Cecidomyia atriplicis, 766; Mexican Jumping Bean (Illustrated), 767 ; Chordeumidae or Craspedoso- matidae, 862; On the Generic Names Strigamia, Linotaenia and Beôlloplänes 864; Picobia villosa, 866; E.tomology at Springfield, 942 ; Pigments of Pieridae, 943 ; Sense of Sight in “sme 944 ; ; The Genera of Ly Se oe 1017 ; Habits of

Or vdin ype sretenene III Psychology. —The Burrowing Habits of Snakes, 74; Habits of Heterodon

Ti at Raleigh, 75; The Present State of Psychology,

292 Morgan’s Introduction to Comparative Eea

388; Puychical ae 503; Mental Development in

Child and the Race : Methods oe: Processes, 687 ; The ea

lem of Instinct, a: Professor Baldwin on Mental Develop-

i ra Matches, 1031; Sand pipes and Sawdust, 1031 ; Criminology, 1127; Habits of Nesto II3I Arche aay a a graye -y,—Certain Sand ike the St. John’s River, : Florida, 76; Dues very of Shell Mounds in Chira Valley, Peru, 188 ; The R Man in Java, 192; The Contention of Mr. J: D. McGuire, 298; The Results of Cave Exploration in Ger- many, 298; The Antiquity of Man at Petit Anse (Avery’s Isl- and) Louisiana, 393; Notes on a Collection of Archeological and Geological Specimens collected in a Trip to Avery’s Island, February Ist, 1890, 394 ; Notes on Yucatan, 507 ; The Potter’s eel in Yucatan Sit . Anthropology. —The Antiquity of Manin North America, 593 ; Paleo- oe cca fore Ancie nt ee and | Netting i in Den otes p! he Lehigh

Florida, sod; <

x The American Naturalist. [Vol. XXIX,

and Susquehanna Valleys for the University of Pennsylvania in the summer of 1892, 778; Another Human Jaw of the Naulette Type, 876; Sandals in Yucatan, 876 ; Strange Hints for Anthro- pology, 877 ; New Evidence n Glacial Man in Ohio, 951 ; The Discovery of Aboriginal Net Rope and Wood Implements in a Mud Deposit in Florica a, 1032 ; A Preliminary woe of Aboriginal Remains near Pine Island, Marco,

st Florida E32 D Formal as a Preserving Fluid, 82 ; On a New Method of Raph ston Killing, Embedding and Orient Infusoria and

ing and other very small Objects for the Microtome (Illustrated), 194 ; Pecan of some Marine Animals, 399 ; Cytotropism Of Cleavage Cells........0+--eccccecserccenscscscesesenensersscccssesoes soeeeeor se 511 PROCEEDINGS OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES 199, 402, 513, 600, 953, 1135 SCIENTIFIC NEWS 92, 200, 404, 514, 604, 695, 779, 959, 1040, 1137




Ae Butterfly Hunte rribees, Reviewer 558 Abnormal Pes of Columba livia,

$. D. JUdd....eeeeeseeeeeeee eee 57 Abastor erythrogy ammus in Vir- gin 588 Aboriginal Botany.. 928 Aboriginal Nettin ope Wood Implements in a Mud Desa a Western Flor- ida. C. D. Durnford........ 1032 Aboriginal Tpi near Pine ae West Florida. F. leek R AE ee 1122 Agateety ‘of Sciences for Michi- hs Geer eerie eee 94 Academy of Sciences, St. Lois, 600 eE Patyeephatu pen eee 272 ae r in 273 Acmite “rachytes from Mon- | 153 OS ain la act ioe ge ulate ole 929 NGS se ra “2098502 70 i. I New Species e Dinictis om the Whit ETTE P T PR OA 573 Pangea . Perithecial Stage cage tes Fungus, Abstract E. F. Smith.. 583 peel semen 997 Aegina, Peirograpliy o vnanetcer 658 AÆluro 413 perfil AE T OTT i 13, 632 aai ete of Snails. “Sy. Wil- Tier at anys os pavers 104 Affinities Fo ag gA parani mg. V D Kellogg.....- African Volcanoes......... PES eines cas atha o2.eeseeeeee se cece ceeeeeeere 493, ochaerus, Affinities of....... 368 ihe Sel Natural Park ....... 514 panes Canal in 1 Orthop- - 68 Allani 4


Allen’ > Monograph of the Bats of North America, Review of. 560


Allolobophora foetida 02I Amanita MMS arid, erar eossrs te Fi Amaurochætaceæ an 932 Amaurochætiner i-s sesesrensio 932 prales ne enniaserri ees oer 932 Apera inornatus ee sv | Subnuia 1064 Ambystoma “parr shessshaoerucesn 55 PUN ae E EE S tienes 55 paai inum.. EP REE T

h I a 4s Se i -

aire oy reg Advance-

t Science, -......--..- I3, 955 | EEEE Piilcaophical Socie- | ty 600, 1136 | American Physiological Society 200 American Microscopical gai American Morphological Sode LY scree ssreeseer ceeeeees sereeneene 200 American Society of Natural-

TEE cos ccacess Seceeeser cise aterese 199 \MOÆDOpSİS. -sesse seeeeeees rererere 758 \mphibia, Grafting of....-....--- 590 my les in Russian Rocks.. 43 \mphibolites of lah, AnA fe 42 \mphioxid EB ikede sirier atie tsho 458 \mphiuma.....-...sssrssssseer reren 1108 \na $ eps.. I0I2 na cite Diabase ‘from Califor

472 Ancistrodon contortrix 283

PUSCTVOTUS voce sevenscneres serere 283

| Andrews, E A. On Conjuga-

tion in an Eba Cray-

Sh esera iride E 867

Conjugation o of the br

1121 An 932 Angel Island, Geology w 152 AphydIE <.. :<errsri sssrini 48 | Ai antl ad cole atu ie 60 | PTA Caua A S 2 Anoche III5 Antarctic Exploratio 46 A ETA gy» 593» bok; 778, 876, ao aa eee 1132 Antiqesiny ta Plants, G. Ma-

cl vee E dugemens DR F ess 973 Antivenine.......00 concer seeees serene 936 sane oe “of Man in North

E D. Co m HR 593 Antiquities m n Florida... sa DOS Apatit eae sesepasessesees 564 Apt nae Office 369 Archean Rocks in ow estern "Au

stralia 272 Arachnida .. ge oe Areatcyetts profundus... sundoureeeee 980 Ar and AATE 76,

, 507 Arcyriaceae. 932 Arthur, J. Cc. Deviat ion in 1 De-

velopment Due to the Use

of Unripe Seeds. .«..-..- 804, 904

The. Distinction MATON

Animals and Pl ants, Serer


The American Naturalist.

xii Arvicola pPallidus.icevee, seorseceeesss 758 scarts De - --.499, 945 g emperature iunda 499 Ascidians, Preserv tion of. 401 Aspidiotus ancy. 731 dict A 728 merit 728 T SRE S AS A 728 A aT a E E TIAE EN AARS 726 destructor 726 perniciosus 28 Association of Americau Anato- mists 202 pes hia stephanie 1065 Aster nove-a an lia. 748 Astragalus loti iflorus var. nebras- . o PSV RITIOROG I, oeii isis cescdeine aisre 58 Aide Wei eight of Minerals...... 835 Atriplex canesce 730 Au Sos file 289 --- 289 Abarat nal ‘Region of... so OTA Australian 1 Continent, Oi o of. 3 OPEREI Nia TNN 1140 Aves, HA Pa 380, a4 TOO saves 862 Raro : 875 Bacillus PU OVANEUSs pi zas enata 934 671, 750 Bactericidal ‘Action of Metals. 933 Bailey, L. ae Ex rimental Evolution Amongst heen 318 Baillon’s Flistoire des P eview Of 5h. Wik eas 748 mR s Mental Development yore epee ld and the Race, 687 faldein, On Mental Develop- ment (a correction)......... -873 Bang tribution of the Co ton-Tail Rabbit,Abstract of. 493 . The Present Standin f the Florida Manatee, Trichechus latirostris, in the Indian River Waters.......... 783 Barbour, . Is Daemonelix a Bu Sear ispeeecviens RET Barite 994 Basalts of Asia Minor.............. 62 Basalt Boulders Roi Thetford, 44 Basiliite 655 Bates, J. M. Description of d: a Pest: otiforus Hook REOTOSRENSIS ozisr á: ib isbre 670 Bat ee 60 Batrachia of ‘Vincennes, Indi- EEEE carious ae 53 Batrachian Armadillo ............. Bats of Cuba.. 14 of Queen Charlotte Ísland, n

Baur, On the Temporal Part of

the Skull, and On the phology o of the Skull in en

[Vol. XXIX,

Mosasauridz, Review of ... 855 G. Reply to Cope on the Temporal Part of the Skull, and on the Systematic Po- ! sition t osa 998 Bay, J. C. Investigations Con cerning the Etiology of Small-P 699 Berke’s Serpentines ‘of the Cen- tral Alps, Abstract of........ 739 Beecher's Structure of riar- rus, aia n nese esereenes 75 Behren’s ual Cistmical Anaie, Ren iew T EEA EEO T eoposee 467 Behring Sea Region......... soie 744 Bendire’s Life Hamia of orth American Birds....... 259 Bell’s Erosion of Submerged r Limestones, Abstract of ... 663 Bergeat, op Guatemalan Vol- canic Rocks, Abstract of... 996 Bessey . Notes on Recent Botanical Publications ...... 928 Notice of the 16th, 17thand 18th Decades of American Lichens’’.......... 747 Sacal 7 Progress of the Botanical Survey of Nebraska.......... 80 A Protest a aes the ‘‘ Ro- chester 666 Sargent’s “Studies nor ‘the Forests of Jap 049 seed vn t Eastwood s Flora of D 073 Rakes p” Gray’s Field, Forest and Garden Botany. 488 mph Frank’s Diseases Of PIONIR: iraro ai er souks 1074

ee of Hough’s Ameri- Wood :

can S 4 Review of PARETE s Flora of Pasadena............. 1074 Review of Saccardo’ s Syl- loge Fungorum................ 1008 Review” ie Sepa

asses and aortas Plants of North A 1008 aided of Wild Flowers of AETA oo cc csvsense atr ns 49 Review "of Willis’ Practical Flóra s- 50 Some Features of the Na- nre Vegetation of Ne- PUG sss inins ccs: te verpesburane 486 - Bèyri chaie stas 839 Reber, On the Detection of Glukose by Auxano- eee Methods, Abstract . 752 Bibliog phy of America Eco- iograp T Batons tomology. esssessose 686


Biological KapOtatory at Cold


pri Harb 228 Bibliographical RON Peis g2; 1137 Biologen Done m a saei

m m, 514, 1136

pee of In dia ay E 406

Birds of Ranar North America 9I7 rom Islands of the Mal-

agassy Region „6I

f New England 917 Tone G. S. Mead,

499, agi

‘from Philippine Islands.... 7

nem Pad of Ca 685


Blastomercs i in Ascidians......... 500

Fusio 288

of Me oe asi - 290 Blowpipe Coatings o on n Glass sacs 563 Blue Ép e iS ay in the Califor

nia 41 ice A. “Insanity i in Roy- i

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ken oa ate PTAR ENAA from

Monte einai a Abstract of.. 564 Boleite +--+ 359, 937 si On ‘the “Effec ‘of Var-

ious Metals on me Growth

o in Bacteria, Ab-

stract of 33 Born, on aee Amphibia,

Abst 590 Boston Society of Natural His-

ORY vest 208, 402, 514, 600, 1136

Botanical Collecti ons 274 NEWS occisi 165 WEWE o n saneas sevene seis: 748 Papers, “se 276 PUA OID -ss aiostet: kse 926 Surv oy ot Nebraska: Pro- gresg OP cieni 580

Botany, 49, 164, 374, 371, 480,

580, 666, 747, 845, 923, 007, 1093

Boule’s Fossil ees of Til- loux, A OF oori 925

Bothri poeple E remser......... 53

Bothriotaenia Railliet ..... 53

Brachi a, Cambrian .......... g8I

Brachiospongia 542

Branches 458

Bran ; 1121

_ Braus, Cell Phenomena in the Triton Egg, Abstract of 947

Breeding-Cages for Insects ..... 498

Brimley, C Habits of Æe- lervdon play) inus at Ra- leigh N Go o onn 75 C S List of Snakes Ob- rae at Raleigh, N. C..... 56 H. H and C. §. Habitat of the Salamander, S ip- sus annulatus..

British Associate: Advance-

ent of Science .697

Brower’ s Eruptive Rocks of the Christiana Region, Abstract f.


AOR eee eee soosse


Bulletins ot the U.S. Fish Conr for 1892 and 1893, et I

ac wor?

Jorre rram geal Burowins A. Gai

“Habits of Snakes, SN aps onl tates eh dione al Butterflies

ACTACEA, Poisonous.. ..... ae Wings of...



Call's | po age the Sandstones of Crowley’s Ridge, Abstract of ee ane rar

COlOPNGAS RICOOBP ID. cviccce oseveisses


Calvart’s Odonata of Lower Cal- of

nate ee ew eee


s.s» sssssis


Cc iferous System of Brazil. Carpophagu luctuosa

ee ee a

Casua I or e of the Meteorite Col-

lection in Field M Cats in a Cold-Storage Ware

Cave fh ge aga in Germany,

esu Caves of the “Lehi -e quehanna Valleys 5 Cebus apella Cer idomyia atriplicts Cell Lineage erati:

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Ce C Chalcoch li CH C

Bp URA On the Form


er Expedition. He



Altitude of Greenland, Ab- stract of

Chapman's =o of Eastern

North America, Review of. Characters a Clai opteris....... Chelydra serpentina

Chervin’s Comparisons of Mar- riages and Births in Differ- ent European Countries



zega Chinch- “Bug aaan een ts citri

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secese ree ee ee weere senses

Seem eener senses CHER en aee

rideze Sere Citation, atl for. Cladodus clarkii of Soe Lepidop- Vek.


si the p eie on Lar-

val Characters. H. G. Dyar

cae a Long Island, Identifi- on of.

Cases in Batrachia

Clypeastrid Poi the Cretace- ous = do

Cocci idolo

Coccus pE A sus


Cochli opodi MMi oa ce iis wang ere T D. ns to Coccidology ......... ription of Cecidomyia Pia is. ew Species of Lecanium io Brazil ae a Species of Lecanium.. Coe ucat

Eie N, Preservation of. Cold Re sige Biological Labora- Ely P Cold, Bec Cole's Migration of Crystals, Collet ee the Migrations of miming, Abstract of. Ci A BOS ER ‘la br Coimstock’s Manual for the S of Insects, Review of Conglomerates of Ho Congress of Physiologists... a of the Brandling,

in ay Amer ai Casak

Conn, H. W. Cold Spring Harbor ma a Labora- tory

ressssose ssoass ssessop o tteeeeee

The American Naturalist.

[Vol. XXIX,

Conference of Evolutionists...... 782 Contributions to Coceidology. oo kerell 725 Cook, O. Chordeumidze or r, EE are idae Peida 62 On the Genera of ie talidæ cs i seadiaioees es 1017 On the neric Names a arise Linotaenia and Scolioplanes.......--+-.seseeee+ 864 Steanatciutns as an Ordi- nal type-..esse. ceeereeeeeeeeeers IIIi Cooke s Mollusca, Review o 558 Cope, E..D.. A New Locality for Abastor erythrogrammus.. 588 parson eed of Man in North warifiawics 593 A Batrachian Armadillo.... 998 A Careless Writer on Ampi- MICA pote ee Cai E tla Meade 1108 The Cebus and the a 1031 Collection Fossil Mamm lia 698 Description of Xantusia 859, 939 The ae of Xantusiidee 757 M n Systematic Writers 45 The “Nadat Man in ava 192 pe Some abiy North Amer-

n Snakes. nian 676 on the Specie of Uma and Wasitueia coco Pee es 938 Phylogeny of the Whale- bone Whales, Abstract of... 572 Primary Factors of Evolu- tion, r caier 1046 Revi the TETON Part of aha Skull,

on the hology o the Skull in uri 855

ply to breke a

n th 'S the Paroccipital Pont of the Scaled Reptiles and the abi Position of Py-

P E E 1003 Review « of Taylor on Box TOTTOISGS a sy e 756 ee Cry étals r DES aa 149 MUS i canadensis 144 leet mart of Na 108I pag st, Amateur de des Pa- pi eview Of...... ...-+- 59 Crag pone ils Craspedosomatide ..... ..... 862, ILII SAAT Flora of Long Island ‘x10 a eee 75 Crimina a eo 1029 Crinteé?: chloris. .iireaii Le as 635 Crotalide, North American . estes 281 Crotalus Linn 284 Kae B T es 150 ve stesenee 8, 493, 839 EIEEE, “allegha niensis...» 54



Crystal iia tre Variation of..... 653 Crystal For 736 Cr teak tals, Siti etry O iic 838 Crystallography, Physical....... 735 Ctenophores, i gm ORs 401 Cuba, Geolo: ogy © 842 Cumengei 59 Cunningham : an nd Smith C

rain of a Mi jerncephalie

Idiot, Abstract of..... ......+ 861 Cushing, F. A. iminary

Examination of Aboriginal

Remains near Pine Island,

West Florida 132 Cüt-Worms sai caia so. 0s 50s 585 Cyanea arctica 289 Cyathophycus; ....0c0.. siise sees. 543 CY eA EE bs Ca Ease a eecess 762

CONIA ies vedi n nese IoIg Cytotropism 385 Cza i’s Ocular 268

Theory of agus Instru-

ments, Review of.......-..-- 68

ACT YLOPIUS solani... 730 solani var. str ÉT desserses 729

Daemonelix a Burrow? E. 17

Re ats of, F 213 Dall, On the Tamellibranchiata,

Abstrac 938

On ee Motfasc from the

ete be cine Of ARETE A 66 Dana, Jam 515 Daraps rhe 538 Darkening é attochmont for the

Goni 268 Danan s vonke ‘Pond Congiom-

rate, Abstract of..........++ 43 Dasy, Silas | pequeti 1063 David’s Ori igin of the Continen-

tal A the Australian

esha Abstract of...... 66 Dawson, On th cillations of

the Beh ing Sea Regi

Abstract 741

Synopsis of Air-Breathing

Animals of the Canadian

prepa Abstract os cis 476 Dean Abstractof 1 5 Death in he Hypaoe State ... 1030 DeBary, 931 ae ons Criminal tc sais?

Abstract of... 1029

Deltoid. Malis a Se ach 020

panornis albe 3 Derby’s pa System

of Brazil, Abstract of......... 367 Desmognathus PRCA E EE A 55 Des Moines Academy of Sci-

ence... 208 Development in Rarified Air..... 291 of Sponges.. o aie? OE

Deviation in Development Due to me U pre Unripe alee

J.-C: Arthur. <0... .2<<0, Devonian System m of Bestia nsylvania and New or ea R RN i Dict y PHY tom E E SEE A

Diebitsch, E Account of the Greenland Expedition of

95 CP viridescens

Dinictis ok DO River Beds

Dinictis bombifron

fortis ME STEA T spreki from the Upper Jurassic of Boulogne......... Diopside f from Z Zoptau...- Diorites of one WAR: si agent ee aerie emarginatus, Descrip- tion of, with Di a of the "Relations of that yy

0 otherium. J. B

I Diplogonophoris Lomberg...... Dinter

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ee ee ee,

Í I L Dissorophus Di. Di Di

Distinction ‘Between Animals

and Plants. J.C. A apka Division of has ostology...... Doelter’s hig ees ers of Gem

Abstract Of i... ns Do pina ae Penna rio ER Niles aienea e States

Don D

Doriptora preemie lineo- Dragonflies, ciie E E ash oes Dri gy: I solated Blastomeres

Pies ót..

Dive becari

Dubois, On the Physiologic al poeren om of arre ation,

Abstract of... Duckbill, Emb A E Durkheim’s Crinincloky: Re-

The e Discovery

ONA ns of Beetles, Abstract

The American Naturalist.

xvi aei a ze Significance of Ano-

aes RIRE E T GY 130 Dyar ae Classification of

the > Lepidoptera on Jarval

Charac 1066 Earle, C. On. a supposed Case

of Parallelism in the Genus

Palos iner senscia 622 aera A Ea s Flora of Denver,

Revi a 1073 Echin pital Gi loans Von E EE 58 eehinodertia, Dieanceation of.. 400 Echinus microtuberculatus. 286 eee r’s Table, 136, 345) "825,

siase 985 Effect vi Female Suffrage on

Posterity J, Weir, Jr...... 815 Eigenmann’s Fishes ol the.

Northwest, Abstract of...... go Eigenmann, Papen

pale us, a Study i in Varia- 10 Flaps popes 61 Electr eas REDE Ape OO ETE ER 827 Elephant Rock of Transvaal.... 273 Elevation giants of New Eng-

MAGE py Soest erecta vrsanty (eonesee$ 1007 Elfstorpite 655 ee gant a 839

and Everhart’s No

America Fungi, Review of. 1008 Embryology, oo 180, 286, 385,

499 590) 686, 769, 867, 945,

1121 Embryos o of £ Frogs Seh (bdbsners 7 Endosporece. .....srsss ssseseee 930, 932 Ketosen of Original Re- EOE 346 Engleman the Demon- stration of Photosyntax by cteria, Abstract of ....... 750 Pugin >. Cg Catalogue of 37 oes 66, 174, 381, 495,

681, 761, 862, 942, IOI7...... ÏI Entomology at Springfield...... 64 Entrapping, Embedding, Kill-

- ingand Orienting Infusoria